Pacific Index


In 1984, Pacific Comics went bankrupt. Not because publishing comics wasn’t profitable, but because their distribution arm was losing money.

Eclipse ended up buying the rights from the estate to virtually everything Pacific was publishing. This included both finished film and the rights to publish certain series. So in November of that year, Eclipse pumped out 10 ex-Pacific comics (these were the ones that complete and just had to have their indicia changed before sending off to the printer), while things less complete would roll out during the next year or so.

This included things like Luger, where Bruce Jones had written the script, but the artwork hadn’t been completed yet, but the biggie was definitely Miracleman. Pacific had planned on reprinting the British comic in the US, but Eclipse took over that project, too. It was probably the most high profile comic Eclipse published.

So for a period in the mid-80s, Eclipse didn’t really have an editorial direction of their own, but just inherited one from Pacific Comics.

One thought on “Pacific Index”

  1. Whoa! From the misleading title of this page I thought you’d gone and done it — in double quick time. However, these are titles taken over and completed by Eclipse, so not the much anticipated Pacific Comics index — not yet! So this is actually “Eclipse Index – Continued from PC.”


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