1987: Enchanter

Enchanter (1987) #1-3 by Don Chin and Mike Dringenberg.

The black and white bust is mostly over by now, but Don Chin (of Hamster fame) is a central character there, so perhaps Eclipse turned to him when they wanted more product during that period and the artwork was just delivered late?

Because Dringenberg’s artwork is nice, even if he skimps on backgrounds a lot. It’s more than a smidgen like Jeffrey Catherine Jones’s artwork… by way of Sam Kieth? Dringenberg would later become renowned for his artwork on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics for DC Comics.

But this was done three years earlier?

Oooh… That’s a nice raven in the rays of the sun…

But what’s it all about? I wish I could say the plot was pleasantly vague, but it mostly seemed like it a mess disguised as mystery. The panel-to-panel pacing often tries for portentous depth, but mostly just succeeds at being without rhythm.

Aha, I see. Chin had come up with the concept years before, while he was a teenager, I presume, but roped in Dringenberg a few years earlier. And then Eclipse wanted to publish it, and here we are.

Dringenberg experiments with a variety of fantasy styles and rendering methods, like using a touch of wash (or pencil?) here.

And then suddenly lots of horizontal panels. Hm… That poster says “47 killed”?

And tomorrow’s will say “117 dead”? So the big kitty killed (er where’s my slide rule) 70 people that night? Bad hungry evil sorcerer kitty! Bad!

How does that makes sense? Why did Bad Kitty Sorcerer kill all those people? What’s happening? WHYYY???

We never find out, because this projected 8-part mini series was cancelled after three issues. However, four more issues were published by something called Entity-Parody in 1993. The covers there says that it’s an eight issue series, too, so were the first three issues reprints?

I’ve been unable to find anybody writing anything about this series.

One thought on “1987: Enchanter”

  1. Thanks for this work. I don’t have much to add, but to answer your direct question, the first three issues of the Express Press run of Enchanter do seem to be reprints of the original series. At least based on the art and cataloging notes. I found these issues, along with issue 4, among my back issue library.


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