Independent Comics Group Index Index

Independent Comics Group was an imprint of Eclipse Comics. It was originally used as the imprint for the final two issues of Twisted Tales, a book Eclipse took on after Pacific Comics went under. Why use a separate imprint and leave the Eclipse logo off the cover? I don’t know, but we (I mean I) could speculate that Eclipse wanted to keep some percieved distance between themselves and the sometimes grisly contents of that book.

Eclipse then recycled the imprint a year later for a series of officially sanctioned indices of popular DC Comics series. They managed to get 27¹ issues published before they abandoned the venture apparently due to low sales.

In addition, they weirdly enough published one single comic book under that banner: Naive Inter-Dimensional Commando Koalas, which was a spoof of a spoof of a spoof of an homage, and also Directory to a Non-Existent Universe, which is a spoof of this series of indices.

I didn’t mean to cover any of these books in this blog series, but I got curious and did the Koalas and one of the index series and then the parody book.

¹) Thanks to Roger Noble for clarifying and for noticing the Twisted Tales bit.

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