1988: R.O.B.O.T. Battalion 2050

R.O.B.O.T. Battalion 2050 (1988) #1 by Beppe Sabatini, Martin King, Gary Martin et al.

That’s a rather atypical doodle from Bill Sienkiewicz for the cover of this comic book, and lends more confusion to an already confused concept. In the comic story itself, it seems like this was meant to be called Cheap Shoddy Robot Toys, which is a very typical black and white boom title, so perhaps that’s why they went with R.O.B.O.T. Battalion 2050 and an arty Sienkiewicz cover? To make people forget all about that debacle?

Because the interiors are very typical of that long past and unmourned era (i.e., 18 months earlier). But it’s got one thing going for it: It’s funny.

It’s a sort of parody on Japanese robot animated series (and The Care Bears), and political commentary, too.

The US invading Hawaii seems to become more of a possibility every day now, doesn’t it? The US president marrying the Ayatollah hasn’t happened yet, though.

Three’s an unforced quality to the extreme silliness on display here that’s really charming.

There are, perhaps, too many fight scenes and too few jokes in the book for it to be completely successful, though. And I don’t know whether this was meant as a one-shot or not, but I could totally see it continuing. But parody books are hard sells, I guess.

It’s never been reprinted, and I’m unable to find out anything about it on the interwebs.

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