Trading Card Index

I didn’t cover the trading cards properly in this blog series, so this index leans heavily on catherine ⊕ yronwode’s web site. I somehow missed that’s that it was: It says “Comics Warehouse” at the top and doesn’t scream that it’s yronwode’s site.

I’ve included links to the ones I did write about here, though. For details on the rest, go to yronwode’s web site.

Eclipse released two types of card sets: The initial cards weren’t really trading cards: They were packs of 36 cards in one little cardboard box, and you bought it, looked at the cards, left them out at conversational pieces, and that was it.

In 1992, Eclipse shifted to releasing most of the sets as real trading cards. There were 110 cards in each set (plus some “chaser”/bonus cards), and they were offered for sale from Eclipse as display boxes
containing 36 foil-wrapped packages of 12 cards. Each pack had a random selection of cards, so you had to buy a lot of those packs to get a complete set. Or trade extras, as the name implies.

The sets were often also available as uncut sheets, and Eclipse also sold logo-stamped binders with 9-pocket sleeves to hold the cards.

It’s… quite a shift from being a publisher of graphic novels to… whatever this business is, I guess.

Most of the cards I didn’t cover were released during the final years of Eclipse’s existence; 1992-1993. They seemed to be publishing more trading card sets during 1993 than comic books.

Aids Awareness Trading Cards
Beverly Hillbillies Trading Cards
Blockbusters Of Rhythm & Blues Trading Cards
Box Of Blood Trading Cards
Congressional Medal Of Honor Trading Cards
Coup D’etat Trading Cards
Drug Wars Trading Cards
Early Jazz Greats Trading Cards
Famous Comic Book Creators 1993 Update Trading Cards
Foul Ball Trading Cards
Hellraiser Trading Cards
Heroes Of The Blues Trading Cards
The Hobbit Trading Cards
James Bond Trading Cards
James Bond II Trading Cards
Jason Goes To Hell Trading Cards
King Kong Trading Cards
Kraft Foods Negro Leagues Giveaway Cards
National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon Trading Cards
Pioneers Of Country Music Trading Cards
Stars Of The Negro Leagues Trading Cards
The Rise And Fall Of The Soviet Union Trading Cards
Rotten To The Core Trading Cards
True Crime Trading Cards
True Crime II Trading Cards

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