1987: New America

New America (1987) #1-4 by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Gary Kwapisz, Aubrey Bradford, et al.

This is the second of two mini-series designed to fill the gap between the first and second Scout series. Whereas Swords of Texas didn’t really advance the storyline forward much, New America is very much The Education of Rosa Winters.

She was a prominent character in the first Scout series, and I’m guessing she’ll be in the second one, too. This mini-series shows what she was up to in the years between the series in an episodic way: Each issue is pretty much a free-standing story of her getting involved in a heist, and learning something from that heist.

The heists vary a lot: The first is being involved with unionising the workers in Baja. (I know!)

Deep, man.

Anyway, the second is a straight-up assassination (of the King of Alaska (I know!)), so you see the span here.

These are pretty entertaining stories, and the artwork is… I guess… broadly professional-looking. Some things look a bit off (like the poncho gun fight above), but the anatomy’s usually non-wonky and the characters are expressive, and… you know… it’s fine. It’s hard to get excited by this artwork, though.

And! I learned that there’s an Armenia in South America, too. I was very confused the first couple of pages when they were talking about the drug cartels in Armenia.

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