1990: Bush League Trading Cards

Bush League Trading Cards (1990) by Paul Brancato and Salim Yaqub.

Brancato and Yaqub kicked off the entire “current events” “trading” card genre with Iran/Contra a couple of years earlier. That had a pretty limited scope and made some sense in that format, even if it wasn’t… very… interesting: The writing was dry and the artwork wasn’t exciting.

So here they’re at it again, and this time they’re doing the George Bush (the elder) and his administration. This time Yaqub is drawing everybody as if they’re playing some kind of sportsball, so it’s more focused in that way.

The writing is still dry.

The people they choose to portray don’t really seem very interesting to read about now, at least.

Many of the cards don’t really have any juicy scandals to expose, either, but just point towards something that may perhaps have been shady.

Perhaps if I knew more about this sportsball it’d be funnier?

Bush’s people do seem like douche canoes, but that’s not really surprising…

And then the final card:

Ah, nostalgia. Do you remember the days when the nightmare scenario was that Dan Quayle might take over as the president? Do you?

Those were the days.

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