1985: Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces (1985) #1-2 by Ralph Reese et al.

Of all the artist-focused microseries Eclipse published in 1985, Ralph Reese is the artist I’m least familiar with. All the other ones Eclipse did (John Bolton, Brian Bolland, etc) were people who’d recently become big names doing commercial comics, so it would make sense to try to cash in on that by digging out old material and reprinting it.

This is the last of these reprints, so either Eclipse saved the least for last, or this sold so badly that they aborted the project.

As usual, there’s no information about where these comics originally appeared. But the mascot up there looks like the spider from Web of Horror, right? So it must be from 1969.

As you can see above, Reese worked as Wally Wood’s assistant for some years, and later joined Neal Adams at his studio.

In these comics he experiments a bit with different styles… Here’s a very photo-realistic one (perhaps they really are drawn-over photos?), but it printed weirdly…

That’s the second and final page of the story, and it rather seems like this was supposed to be published as a two-page spread, since it’s supposed to be read across first, and not down. And the page number at the bottom there says “39”, so it was originally printed on the right-hand side, not on the left.

Oh, Eclipse.

Reese seems to emulate French comics artist Caza here? The experiments are fun, but the stories (by various writers) are pure eh.

Those darn curses.

Reese would go on to do the Flash Gordon newspaper strip in the 90s.

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