1988: California Girls Paper Dolls

California Girls Paper Dolls (1988) #1 by Trina Robbins.

I should have covered this book in the post about California Girls, but I didn’t know it existed before re-reading those (great) comics.

As with Robbins’ previous book of paper dolls, Paper Dolls from the Comics, this is a magazine-sized floppy, printed on nice paper, where every other page has paper dolls, and there’s little of interest on the back (because when you’re cutting out the dolls, the back will be ruined).

The designs are mostly contributed by readers of the comic, but it’s fun reading what famous names pop up here and there. Here’s a dress by artist Angela Bocage.

Most of the pages are in black and white, but there are four pages of colour paper dolls, too.

And you could always colour the black and white pages, too. There’s even a competition for best colouring job, with lots and lots of prizes, including a Trina Robbins original drawing.

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