1992: Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens (1992) #1 by Clint McElroy, Mark Near, Bill Maus and Bob Hanon.

This is the fourth parody comic Eclipse published in 1992, and the artwork is by the same team that did two of the other ones.

It the one with the best artwork of the three, for some reason. It’s not like they tried to emulate other artists on the other two books they did, but this feels freer and more relaxed.

Hey! Three franchises in one panel!

The concept is that the old movie monsters want to get back at the new monsters…

… i.e., Predator and Aliens. Was this before that thing was a franchise of its own? If so it’s rather prescient of the authors. Writer McElroy even trademarked “Illegal Aliens”, so he must have thought it had some legs…

He doesn’t seem to have written any further comics in this vein, though.

It’s somewhat amusing, but not very memorable.

As usual with the comics Eclipse published in 1992, I can’t find anybody willing to admit to having read this book.

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